Project Gallery

ForeFront Engineering & Design, Inc. is proud of the accomplishments it has achieved in its partnerships with its clients. FFED has helped clients in a wide range of industries develop revolutionary technologies, solve industry challenges and increase their profits. We are excited by the opportunities and challenges our clients present to us, which only further fuels our passion to drive our clients’ project to success. This is what has allowed us to continuously expand our capabilities to support new markets and industries.

At FFED, we understand that success is more than just having completed the project, producing a design package of drawings and documents. Success is defined by a high return on investment. We work with clients as if we are part of their company, watching to generate profits, either through reduced costs, improved manufacturing, or developing a new product. Our experience allows us to not only provide high-quality engineering designs, but is also consider design for manufacturing, fabrication and marketability to the consumer and investors.

Power Generation

Power generation will always be an area requiring revolutionary ideas, especially as the world fights carbon emissions and looks to clean energy. How can more power be safely generated from our existing renewable and non-renewable resources? ForeFront has been there to solve the challenges these industries face.

We have helped and will continue to help both commercial and government clients meet their power demands and needs. Our clients look to us to conceptualize power generation systems and develop components of the system.

ForeFront has revolutionized power generation in fields such as nuclear, solid oxide fuel cells, windmills and cryogenic, superconducting generators.

Government & Military

We are proud to support the United States government and our military in its endeavor to be a world leader in technological advancements. Our focus is to support the innovative nature of our government agencies, especially the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and NASA.

Through our work with various government agencies, they now have cutting-edge technologies in high-demand power generation, weapons systems support, concepts for improving output of renewable energy power sources, and advanced sighting systems for on-board vehicle weapons.


Medical is a continuously evolving industry. We have helped our clients stay at the forefront of their industry by advancing their medical products to provide the support and care their patients need.

Our experience includes design analysis of components of MRI machines as well as injector systems.

Product Design & Development

Our experience and passion for innovation allows us to help clients in an increasing variety of industries. They appreciate the fresh, outside perspective ForeFront brings to their product. They also realize the value in partnering with a company that has a breadth and depth of engineering expertise as well as experience designing for marketability and knowledge in the licensure process. Partnered with our clients, we have created innovative gearing systems, locomotive diesel engines, pump sprayers, switchgear, safety equipment and many other products.